1. the state of forming a complete and harmonious whole; unity

2. a thing complete in itself, or comprising of all its parts or elements





All of these modalities of healing use the practice of presence & connection to reveal the deep healing potency of the body. Learn more about each technique below. Sessions can be booked as one hour sessions for $100 and one hour and a half sessions are $150. Sliding scale is available for a few clients each month. Please indicate when emailing if you are interested in this option.


Each client is an individual and every session is unique. We spend a short part of the first session to discover your personal goals, and develop a tailored plan for wellness and healing to meets you where you are in this moment. I offer a free phone consultation to answer any questions and to see if we are a good fit for working together. 


When working in a field that is subtle and etherial, it can be hard to come up with the perfect category or specific description. However, in its simplest term, I am a healer. I work with the material that is available to me with the tools that I have honed to bring each person closer to experiencing their wholeness. I practice a combination of each of the below healing modalities and apply more or less of each depending on the needs of the client. The techniques and bodywork methods are a combination of Biodynamic Cranial, Energy Healing, and Intuitive Somatic Therapies used in conjunction with some yoga posture work and mindfulness dialogue to relieve tension from the body, promote healing, and connect deeply with one's truest nature. 


Below is a list of some of the kinds of practices and modalities that I work with in healing sessions. 


Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Sessions

Biodynamic Cranial Therapy is a branch of cranial sacral therapy that uses the quietude and stillness of the body to move beyond the layer of the subtle to an even more potent and deeper healing potency residing within the body. This potency is present with the physical body as well as the subtle yet is deeper to both, holds its own intelligence, and is brought into awareness through the practice and presence of the practitioner. Through this awareness, this healing potency of quietude is witnessed, followed, and merged with in revealing its life giving essence to support wellness within every system of the body.  I use techniques developed by Todd Jackson and continue to study under him and several of his senior practitioners. 


Intuitive & Energetic Healing

Energy Medicine is a modality of healing that uses the subtle body to move, transform, change, unite, and express the inner life force that is within us and all around us. There are many techniques for accessing the energetic body and my work focuses on the chakra centers or energy vortexes of the body as well as moving stuck emotional energy through the body to be returned or repurposed. I also am deeply attuned to the line of the divine that connects through the energetic body and use this connection as a mode to communicate and collaborate with spirit. Every session is unique and there are often specific messages, practices, and techniques that are revealed during the session to aid the client with their healing. 


Nervous System De-escalation

Focused on simple "tricks" to help nourish and calm the nervous system and emotional body, these practices are effective, quick, simple, and can be done anytime. Teaching your body to learn to calm itself and move into a state of ease more fluidly supports our physical, emotional, and energetic wellness. 

Accessible Mindfulness & Meditation

Working to steady the mind and move into the field of receptivity supports more ease in all realms of our lives. We will work with accessible and simple mindfulness techniques to build a relationship with your inner compassionate witness. From this space we will design practices to help clarify and focus your intentions. 

Yoga Therapeutics & Felt-Sense Experiencing Sessions

Yoga is the practice of union. It is a unveiling of our wholeness. Working through body, we use postures with ample support for a gentle experience of reconnection with our felt sense and presence inside our bodies. Through this connection we discover, give witness to, feel into, and move through places of tension, density, stagnancy, or discomfort to find what healing wisdom the body can nourish us with. Bringing your awareness to the the emotional and physical experience that the body is communicating helps to clarify and resolve the illusion of separateness. Feeling into the intelligence of the body and being receptive to receiving new knowledge is a skill that roots this process in real life. Learning tools to recognize and experience an embodied state of one's self, brings you into the present moment where all of your life is happening and gifts you with the freedom to choose again and be more at ease.


I am interested in working together. How do I book a session with you?

Please click HERE to email me about working together. Please indicate what kind of work you are interested in. Click HERE to learn more about psychedelic integration services. 

What are your fees?

Fees vary depending on the service provided and are individually assessed depending on the needs of each client. In general, I charge $100/hour of time together. We can discuss fees in person or over the phone. 


Jessica is co-founder of Love Hive Yoga, a yoga educator, and an intuitive & energy healer. Jessica has been studying yoga since 2001, teaching since 2009, and practicing energy healing since 2016. When working with clients, she uses a combination of energy medicine techniques and Biodynamic Cranial Therapy as well as yoga postures and meditation for connecting with the body, and spiritual teachings to awakening the profound healing capacities within every individual. Using this perspective of expansive possibility and awareness as her guide, Jessica believes that all of us have the potential to find deep whole-wellness and joy. 


As a survivor of trauma, Jessica's practice is informed by her own healing process with C-PTSD. As a child, she experienced a instinctual connection to the divine embodied as a guiding force that drew her towards her current path.


My story is much the same as many people. Different characters but same woundings. I used many techniques to survive and eventually landed in Portland, Oregon in 2007. I had been having a particularly hard time re-adjusting to my life after becoming sober and having just returned to the states after living in Latin America. I could not shake this uprising of emotional pain that I was quite literally drowning in. What I didn't know then was that I had C-PTSD and that it had finally risen to a level that could no longer be ignored or managed. I finally sought help and as fate would have it, ending up in the office of a skilled and compassionately nurturing therapist. My healing journey has consisted of regular therapy, a daily dedicated and loving yoga, regular body work, energetic healing, medicine practices, personal spiritual practice, as well as diet, nutrition, life/work balance, lots of time in nature and exercise. I am grateful to say that although I am forever connected to my history and my personal body sensitivity, I am no longer held captive by it. I discovered and connected with a wholeness within myself that is so vast, profound, infinite, and worthy that I now know how truly precious, lovable and capable I am.  I have quite literally been reborn. I move in the world now as someone who knows that an infinite expansive connection is possible and that we are all a part of that. Life is still challenging at times but I never doubt that I deserve to feel joy.

And even more,  that at my essence,






"This woman is power and a smile and is a natural healer." 

"Jessica met me completely with her powerful intuition and her big, open heart, and created a space in which I felt completely held and seen. Her warmth and caring are matched by her openness, presence and skill in reading and moving energy. She is magic and love"



"Your humor and joy are palpable, reminding me to welcome & celebrate each day, each feeling, each pose, no matter what presents itself." 

"Jessica epitomizes love and joy. She always says exactly what I need to hear, in a way that inspires me and makes my heart sing!" 







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